Fight Against Diabetes Using Bodybuilding

Many people with the terrible disease of diabetes don’t realize how much they can benefit from a bodybuilding lifestyle. In this article I am going to point out what are the main benefits of following this healthy lifestyle for those who suffer from diabetes.


Diabetes comes in two forms:

Type 1 diabetes: People affected by this type must take insulin injections oxymetholone effet.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for delivering nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) to the body’s cells (including muscle cells) and is essential for energy production.

The pancreas is the organ responsible for the production of this hormone. Unfortunately, type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented, as it is a result of an autoimmune reaction that causes cells in the pancreas to stop working. This usually occurs in the early ages between 8-12 (although cases where it occurs much later have been described). This is why type 1 diabetes is called juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes: This does not require insulin injections, as it is due to the inability of the cells to accept insulin and allow it to do its job. This condition is called insulin insensitivity or low insulin sensitivity.

When cells reject the hormone insulin, then not only does the person have lousy energy production, they also begin to gain weight due to the fact that since the nutrients cannot be delivered to the appropriate tissues, they are only stored. Furthermore, once the body realizes that the cells are not having adequate insulin uptake, it begins to increase its insulin production in an attempt to compensate. This only compounds the problem, as the cells become even more resilient and body fat continues to rise from anything the person eats.



Following a healthy lifestyle (like the one that bodybuilding provides) can be a powerful ally in the fight against diabetes. We will see how the impact that a bodybuilding lifestyle has on insulin sensitivity, the use of glucose (carbohydrates) and the benefits that these effects cause are described.



Bodybuilding training improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance: People with type 2 diabetes (around 90% of diabetes cases) seem to benefit more than bodybuilding training, since insulin sensitivity is higher and therefore the problem of diabetes is directly attacked. People with type 1 diabetes also benefit, as they need a decreased amount of insulin to control their glucose levels.

Bodybuilding training increases the need to use glucose for energy: simple moderate amounts of bodybuilding training (such as 30-40 minutes three times a week) help increase muscle mass.

More muscle means that large amounts of glucose are used during the day and during exercise. This helps the person with type 1, since it is possible to reduce the insulin dose (lower glucose levels allow a lower dose of insulin). It should also be noted that the cardiovascular exercise component of bodybuilding training also helps to get rid of glucose and also increases insulin sensitivity.

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